Obligatory Lightsaber...

Everyone has to make one of these once right? I think it’s the new “chrome ball on checkered floor”.

At any rate, it was very fun playing with the new versions of Blender and Yafray.

This has a good deal of color correcting…


Modelled in Blender, rendered in Yafray. Took about 4 hours.

Here is a link to the render before post editing

It looks quite nice! The rendering time seems quite long though! (Onestly I’ve experienced long rendering times with Yafray too, but many users claim that Yafray actually is quite fast…) My point is that the rendering time probably can be shortened a lot with some optimizing, but unfortunately I can’t help you with that but I’m sure someone else can.

So… now you just need a Jedi… :slight_smile:

ya rendering time is insane! i haven’t had yafray take more than 30 mins with just a couple objects! and that was with refractions! blender on the other hand i might believe cause for some reason it is slower at raytracing then yafray (atleast for the quality of raytracing)

oh ya nice image! :wink:

Took about 4 hours

this COULD mean that it took 4 hours to do the whole project, including modelling, materials and lighting, not just rendering

BTW, really nice work, weedwhacker

I think that meanstotal time but if it means rendertime :o
I’ve rendered a more complex model than that with Best yafray setting with the same type of reflections as yours in less than 3 mins

he jus might have a crap computer? its a kl light sabber thingy lol i dont like them sorta things tho , so.

Thanks for all the replies! The render was done on my home machine, a Athlon 1700, 256 megs of ram. Not exactly a render beast, but it gets the job done. The first test render I did took about 5 hours, and some tweaking put it right at 4 hours to render. Modelling time was probably just a few hours, it’s just an extruded circle.

Maybe I’ll throw the Linux drive in and see if the render is faster…

There’s real powerful computers you can get really cheap now. Nice pic though.