Oblivion Drone Study

For fun, did a study of Daniel Simon’s drone design for Oblivion (referenced the practical props for texturing.) Third image is a frame from an animated clip.

Really good !

Wow thats bad ass!!!

Are these Renders ?

That is completely awesome. Nice job and a pretty cool movie.

Your on a roll buddy, first this and today the racing car! damn you got some bad ass skills!

Terrific job of modeling.

Steve S


Is this all modelled and rendered in Blender? I’d love to see some wires:)

awesome job ! is this cycles render?

Amazing work! What did you change exactly from last time. It seems a lot better.

Awesome work,did you do some compositing?

Thanks for the feedback!

I used Cycles for the renders. Here’s a look at the wires and a still from the composite test sequence:

waaaaaaa those are skills!!! :slight_smile:

Tried this my self not so long ago but this is very nice! Top notch. The mechanics for opening the turrets looks very convincing. Just interested: How many hours did you use on it?

Awesome. Better than mine for sure.
What does the back look like?

Here’s the aft bits. I tightened up what I could with the references available when I did this – mid summer I think – but now that the movie is released on DVD I hope to get better references and finish it (especially the jet nozzle.)

I started mine almost as soon as I got home from the movie, so I know hat you mean about reference pics.
Anyway, here is mine if your interested. I did take some artistic liberty with it. It was very a frustrating model for sure, considering it was only the second vehicle I ever attempted.