Hi & hello again to everyone on the BlenderArtists forums, here is a recent project I’d like to present. It’s a coastal drop-off scene, set on the southeast side of the Yucatan Peninsula, 5 seconds before the dinosaur asteroid impact.

High resolution for full detail; http://a.imageshack.us/img810/7313/cliffultrahireshighpoly.png
I hope this is to your tastes. Thanks for checking it out, please leave critique! I’d love to know your opinion.

Nice work on the lighting, with the lens flares and what not, so I say good job. :yes: I hope to see more of your work.


I agree to Inferno, but the cliffs look a bit unnatural to me :confused:

Aah, I see what you mean, the burnt mottled look on the rockface. You could say the asteroid’s radiant heat was warping the rockface, but yeah, it still doesn’t look realistic. Might try and fix it, I’m pretty sure I know which texture was faulty…
Thanks for the compliments about the lighting and compositing, appreciate it! :slight_smile: