Observatory house

Hi guys!
This is my last work, rendered in Cycles.

More details: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gnR2m

I hope you like it!


Woaw nice! Is the stone wall done using only a texture, or did you create the stone one by one?

Thanks for your comment! For the wall I created each stone one by one

Nice work!
How do you modeling the wall stone?

First I modeled some basic stone shapes and then I applied modifiers like bevel, triangulate, displace and decimate to create some randomness.

Seems that the tower platform would get in the way of the telescope.

Nice work!, Love the almost cartoon, but photorealistic, look.

hey did you use precedural texture for stones or uv mapped a texture

Awesome job! I like how complex the architecture is on the house. And the trees look pretty good in the back ground. Are the trees actual models?

This is art!
I love how you combined photorealistic materials and textures with cartoonish shapes and forms! Really nice.
I don’t know much about medieval-like architecture, but I think the wood support beams, which are connected to the cobblestone wall are supposed to go into the wall and match into the cobblestone pattern (If that makes sense) - It’s a small thing, but I think it ruins a bit of the “authenticity” for me.
However, it’s still a really awesome image!

Wow. Love the realistic cartoon loo

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Love it! Has a real Dreamworks’ Shrek vibe to it…

Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

A mix of both

Thanks! Yes, the trees were all created with the Sapling Tree addon.

I think it makes sense, thanks for your suggestion!

Awesome concept and modeling. You got my due respect.

Still. there is some kind of ambient lighting that makes my mind stumble.
The wooden walls. How did you manage to make Cycles reflect purple off green grass? These are complementary colors. Or is it just my screen?
I feel the stones should be shaded towards the bottom, but they look completely flat. How could that even happen?
The mist is appropriate and necessary, but still – shouldn’t the depths of the forest be almost pitch black?

EDIT: sorry for me being rude. I was kinda drunk yesterday when I wrote this post.

Wow, that’s really beautiful. Very evocative. The smoke gives it a feeling of being inhabited. Nice work!

Thanks FelipeDelrio !

Nice colors! Looks great! If I’d improve anything it would be the composition of the image.

I love the colors and the atmosphere in this one! Very beautiful :slight_smile:

Looks amazing but something is off. I think it is the backround.