Just something I was messing around with. Any ideas how I could improve it?


If it doesn’t load try pasting the link in your browser.
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Let’s see, textures look good, DOF looks good. One thing though, if you notice the shadow the lead doesn’t seam to go into the wood at the same angle like you would notice in a normal pencil, that is unless it’s about to break.

Two suggestions

  1. Make the pencil (not lead) smaller. It is huge…unless you wanted it that big.
  2. The lead and the wood by the lead should be at the same angle. You have an angle between the two materials.

Ya know, I made it that big because I wanted it to be a close-up. I never gave thought to how big it should be in relation to the writing. After you mentioned that, yes, it does look a bit strange. Thanks!

I don’t think the pencil should be starting a new letter. Put it on the end of the “l”.

Turn on ‘nor’ for the pencil texture, it looks a bit flat.

It looks like you can see the pixel on teh font, maybe a texture with higher resolution helps. Also maybe a bumpmap or a texture that adds a littel “structure” to the paper improves the look. What i mean is paper is made of a cellular structure so it isnt 100% flatt and may has little variations in the color.

And finally the shadow of the pencil looks to hard.

Thank you everybody for your suggestions. Here’s the result:


Paste link in browser if it doesn’t load.