Ocarina of Time (Kokiri Village Remake)

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a challenge to remake something from an old game. I decided on the Kokiri village. Here are my WIP images. The tree totals 3750 polys. Still working on the rest of the assets to create the whole level which will be put together in Unity.

I’m working on the other tree houses in the village.

The tunnel leading out of the village.

I’ve learned to paint with textures so I went back to edit the rock I had created.

hi! This is a good start. I like the tunnel vegetation. Great work!

Thanks Nico Theb.

Okay blenderheads, I need your opinion. As I’m going through building all of the assets for this village I ran into a little problem.

What are these cubes coming out of the ground? Are they pillars of wood? Are the big square boulder? What do you think?

Wow! This looks very good and exciting! Yeah, I think those would be logs coming out of the ground, as represented by the curves around the top. Maybe they were intended to look more like the rooftops in the image, but game testers kept falling off and got frustrated so they simplified the shape but kept the texture. That’s my theory anyway about why they used such a strange texture for that shape.

3rd tree house in the village. Getting close to putting everything together.

It could be stone carvings.

Well, I fired it up and walked around. Unfortunately, the game is reaaaaly low quality to tell with any certainty. Although when I positioning myself near one of them with one of the tree huts in the view behind, the texture of this one particular hut was very close, if not exact, when it came to the color scheme. When standing on top of one of these pillers, the texture is also very similar to the wood part of the tree houses. Also, there is a stone rock near one of the houses that you can pick up, and when holding it near one of these pillars, I would say that the rock was brighter looking.

My guess is that they are trees (it is a forest after all) with carvings on it. Anyways, awesome work so far, can’t wait to see it complete! o/

i think they were meant to be stone platforms ( it 's been a while since i played it but they wern’t trees!)

I’ve been getting my assets into Unity. I’ll soon post the dropbox links for the “game” so you can run around it yourself if you’d like.


Here are the links to what I made. I would have liked to do more but the challenge I
was doing is ending. I hope you like it.

One of my all time favourite games, looks good, if not too good!

I’d say the pillars are stone, because we don’t have square tree trunks around my neck of the woods…

Yeah, I decided to go with stone pillar that has a faded carving in it.

I’m fairly new to Unity. Does anyone have any suggestions for Unity that would make my scene better?

From the looks of things you fog is the wrong color. Along with the trees for the background. Try this for your fog color (R = 200, G = 200, B = 150, H = 60, S = 25, V = 78) The skybox is also wrong. You made yours bright sunny day, but in the game it was a overcast sky. If you are going for a remake to look the same these would be the areas I would fix to give the feel.

I think that if you have access to it, terrain shaders. Also there is a free lightmapper that would bake all your details and save some processing power.

For the waterfall, I would add a plane with the water shader to the particles to give a fluid look.

The last thing I would change is the grass. The movement that you have shows that it is windy. I would bring it down to almost not noticeable.

I think what you have going here is great and with the proper shaders and colors it would be a great game to play. I played this game so much when I was younger that I could pretty much still play the game without a walkthrough guide today. I don’t know if you have it or not, but this site has some good maps for what you are going for. http://www.vgmaps.com/Atlas/N64/LegendOfZelda-OcarinaOfTime-Present-KokiriForest(Top).jpg

I hope this helps.