Ocean and KillerWhale test

Hi everybody !

I did a little test with Blender 2.65 and it’s fluid physics.
It’s not perfect and I don’t put a lot of time on this but any comment are welcome.
More details on this post of my blog : http://pyroevil.cu.cc/?p=174

Little test of my water shader, foam and wetmap:
And a little test of my water shader:

These look great! Awesome stuff!

it looks so great! it’s just that … what’s the scale of that water domain? it seems way to small when the water splashes.

The domain size is at it’smaximum … 10 or 15meters if I remember( I not near of my computer to validate it)
I don’t know why this parameters have a maximum value low like that.

( a killer whale have a length of : male = 6-8meters and female = 5-7meters)

Wow,that foam! Your animation is possibly one of the most realistic fluid tests I’ve seen produced by the Blender. The dynamics do look a bit strange though, when the Orca brings up a splash of what looks like massive water droplets. It looks like this could be a domain problem. Otherwise, I’m not sure how it would act if the Orca was scaled down possibly?

The domain size is at it’smaximum … 10 or 15meters if I remember( I not near of my computer to validate it)
I don’t know why this parameters have a maximum value low like that.

I quickly ran into this same problem when doing my own tests like this (though not as cool as yours). I’m really hoping that this will be fixed when the fluid system gets and update later in the spring with the Amazon 3D project.

Any tut to expose how you obtained that awesome foam effect?

@pyroevil that’s weird, I never been in that metric size before in fluid sims, mainly small small tests.
but yeah both the water disturbed on the way up, and the back-splash looks like it’s simulating water on a scale of 10x10x10 cm.

the foam is really nice, +1 for a tutorial or sharing of shaders.

regarding fluid sim getting more features, etc. is there even a active maintainer for this? The guy who made it is long gone. Nils, kinda genius is there someone else actively doing work on the el’ beel fluid lib? anyone know?

Reminds me of that video done with Realflow.

yes , like I said in my blog and in the description of the video :wink:

Oh darn! I didn’t read that.

Amazing job anyways :slight_smile:

@David Hottori: No problem :wink:

I confirm. Maximum domain size is 10 meters. But mine are 13 meters long and my whale lentgh 4.7meters ( a small female :slight_smile: ) … soo I’m not soo far away from reality.

My god. This is incredible. What render engine is this? Also, I’m curious about baking time.

Any chance you’re willing to post your blend file so we can all learn from it? :slight_smile:

Probably better then that if I have time , make a quick tutorial on the process :slight_smile:
If I don’t find time, I probably clean it and upload on blendswap

hmmmmmmm I’m at 65% of maximum hit today on my free host account on my blog. I don’t expect my killer whale get this popularity.

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Hard to say why. Fluid is based on a grid resolution so theoretically you can setup 2 cm of domain that can looks like two meters. What means, 10 m can looks like 100m as well.

Nice work man. How did you instance spheres in that fluid mesh?

Pyroevil, Congratulations on making the front page on blender.org

Nice test!
Not many know of or just use fluid particles.

I think domain size mostly affects just how fast water drops because of the gravity. You can simulate larger scenes to some extend just by decreasing gravity in world panel settings.

I think the problem with it looking like a small droplet is just because of the simulation resolution. If you crank up the resolution it will look a lot better. But of course required computer resources increase exponentially…