Ocean, dynamic paint and particles

My test of ocean modifier, dynamic paint and particles.

Blend file download

Dang, that is sweet. Care to post the BLEND?

Simply Amazing!!

S**T! How… but… how… I know how you did the paint and the ocean, but the particles and residual foam are amazing. blend and quick tut if you will.

THAT is fantastic!

would be very interested to see the blend!

That’s amazing!! tutorial pls!

Particles are on curves?? The ball is and the emision is from it but?

You leave me speechless

Almost as realistic as RealFlow. This is amazing.

Thanks for the comments.

Basically is it:
The plane with Ocean modifier receive paint and wave of ball and particles, the ball is moved by a curve and the particles are emitted by a circle.
Blend file download
Thanks :wink:

Huh…? I don’t get that site. I can’t download the BLEND file. There are four download buttons and none of them are the BLEND file. Can you just post the Blend file here or on www.pasteall.org?

I get a message saying that I need to register to be able to download
use pasteall.org

Or, blendswap.

Thanks FelipeDR for sharing the blend…How did you do the foam effect thing?

I created a texture in B&W using the Dynamic Paint and I used this texture as a reflection map.

Download available at Blendswap now.

Fantastci job :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
Great… please write a tutorial…I think a lot of us want it :eyebrowlift::eyebrowlift:

WOW! Fantastic!

How did you set up the particles?

Wow! Well done, Felipe … and thanks for sharing the blend file!

Thanks a lot for the tip!!

I registered at blendswap but when I press download it just takes me to the top of page. the url of the download button is the page url. no zip or .blend