ocean modifier

Hello everyone. I decided to post this ocean render I made. I plan on making a tutorial for it, please feel free to tell me what you think. Hope you enjoy!

I have just made a tutorial on the ocean modifier and I have included a basic .blend to get you started with the materials, I hope this helps. Here is the tutorial:


The link for the .blend is available in the description.

Hope this helps!

All I need right now is the material setup, I can’t get a good ocean material. Nice.

Ooh. I now how to use the sim and set up materials, but not quite so good with fog.

Thanks for the comments guys, I made a quick tutorial on how to use the ocean modifier. If anyone is interested here it is.

Hope this helps!

Nice tutorial, but the material seems a bit… simplistic.

Very nice animation and thanks for that tutorial :smiley:

Hey guys, thanks for the comments! My intention was to show how to use the ocean modifier and not how to setup materials, I apologize if it didn’t come across that way. If I could recommend material settings I’d say have the mesh be a dark blue tone, add reflections and a sun lamp. And that’s pretty much it, play around with the settings. I hope this helps!

Hey everyone! I don’t mean to bump this thread. But since then I’ve uploaded a simple .blend to my website with basic material settings to get you started. the .blend is available in the tutorial’s description. Feel free to play around with it, I hope this helps!