Ocean renders

I have recently learned about different techniques for ocean rendering what do you think

At a glance, it looks pretty good. Care to share the process you used?

I do think that the noise and lens distortion is a bit much. How does it look without it?

How do submerged objects look at various distances?

Here it is without noise and lens distortion


quick question, can you animate the water? also how do you get that effect where it looks like it is on an old tv with bad reception? trying to make a video and this would be an awesome effect to have

The reflection is way too crisp (if you are looking for realism). The reflection should not be visible in the darker areas, or should be much less visible, since those areas are generally out of view of the boat. Take a look at a few pictures of boats on the ocean (especially in overcast conditions) to see what I mean. Otherwise it looks great.

great works buy why its so whitey and foggy ?

I really like the distortion effect. I have to agree that the reflective value could be lessened.

High sorry it took me so long to respond to any of you who have questions
so i will start answering from the top

Yes you can animate the water i used a modifier called the ocean simulator and it gives you an option for animating
and the way i got the bad video affect was by using some stock footage from the video copilot riot gear collection

here was the reference image i used so you can compare and understand what i was going for

your reference doesn`t have that much dof.

yeah i knwo but i like dof:)


Would like to see a screen shot or a blend file. I think that there might be an issue with your horizon.

how did you manage to make water to the horizon because i am going to make sceen with fly over with jets on the ocean and i have with this problem the amount of geometry is to damn high.

if you are dealing with horizons, you dont need as much geo as you do in the foreground, you could probably get away with a tiled & animated texture map on a plane. you will just need to blend it in 200m or so away.

wait wait wait what is the question you asking about horizons
are you asking how i got it to blender in with the backround