Ocean Ride

Inspired from various antic Neptune poses, here my last session in sculpt mode.
Hope you enjoy :smiley:

Cool idea, I like it :slight_smile:

that is just magnificent, especially the last one!

Very cool sculpt! =) I just think that the trident could use some more work, it lacks details compared to the other elements. But other than that, it’s amazing!

very creative, very dynamic, wonderful presentation. i love it.

Thank you all

I was wondering if more details or keep it simple.
Perhaps you are right MrCravate…

very good sculpting! but man, that are fat tuna-horses!^^
i would also agree to align the spear and even the manes, which are a bit flat. but just adjust!:slight_smile:

the last one, the more graphic picture are the nicest indeed!

Thank you Cromat ^^

Yes the hybrid animal are a mix of horse and tuna which I used as references.
At the beginning I plan to make a render in antic sculpture style but finally the first rendering was the last one with foam and sea. In a certain way, it gives more impression of life in the scene.

pretty well done, I like the dynamic aspect

Pretty cool looking sculpt! Nice job!

very nice sculpt!

Very nice sculpt. I love it, it really awesome :slight_smile:

awesome made me laugh a lot - great work!

Outstanding. Really nice. Love the horse dolphins!

wat u doing here ?
lel … :o

That’s tough. So much power expressed in this scene.
this is not my style but it´s AWESOME!

try a sketchfab conversion

Amazing… the last one could profit from a more central vanishing point so the tuna would come out further to either side… Can be done with a larger camera perspevtive and a tad more work in placement.

amazing. well done sir.

Great work. As for the art direction I’d do the following.
Your last shot rendered like the first shot - basically the duo tone grading. Up the contrast a bit more.
Then for the background a simple radial gradient will suffice.
Current backgrounds take away to much from the center pieces drama.

Again great work.

awesome details and depth expression!