Ocean Sim demo

Three of us from work are giving a presentation here on Thursday: http://www.digitalmedia.com.au/node/1168 (right after animal logic, hope it’s not a tough crowd ;). The topic’s on using open source to produce our Lighthouse short.

As part of it I’m going to show the ocean tools that we contracted Hamed Zaghaghi to port from Houdini Ocean Toolkit to Blender for the job - I made a demo video of using it in the 3D View which I thought I might as well upload:


The patch is still waiting in the tracker, and there are builds in graphicall available. Not sure about how soon it will appear in trunk…

I never heard of Ocean Sim before and I’m amazed! WOW!

/ Mats

Hi broken,

Good Film!

Just wondering about this patch, it does mesh displacement using some sort of real life ocean motions? Could this (an ocean mesh object) be imported out of Blender say via MDD or something to bring into other programs? Or is this just texture and not displacement?

This looks awesome! :eek:

I can’t wait to use it.

What’s up with that orange star when changing numerical values? Did you add that to Blender?

Hey Matt, any tutorials on using this? Even though the video demos it, I’m looking forward to seeing a tutorial from step 1 to step 10-50 whatever. :slight_smile:

It looks nice, but what about large-scale oceans? I mean, the ocean is normally not a square…

You could use the converted OGRE ocean shader: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=94922&highlight=water

I corrected the colors, looks quite good now.

No OceanSim topic would be complete without this page:

MDD will work yes

Well that’s Great! But I went over the information for compiling this patch and it looks a bit complicated for someone with no experience. Wonder where you could get instructions for compiling this patch?

Glendaloch: yeah you should be about to export out the vertex animation after its been displaced by the displace modifier.

I’m not sure if there are any instructions written up, however there should be pre-made builds on graphicall.org.

roofoo: well you can adjust the scale, and it also tiles. So especially with clever texturing you can tile it a few times without too many problems.

egan: no that’s just the screen recorder program

blenderman345: nope, no tutorials atm I’m afraid. But basically just add the ocean texture, then put that texture name as a displace modifier on a subdivided mesh, and adjust the settings as shown in the video. Then you’ll also need to add a texture Ipo on the ‘Time’ to make the ocean move over time - perhaps this would be a good thing to add, to animate it automatically without having to add an Ipo.

Could we have a link to the builds on graphicall…windows vista maybe :wink:

That’s cheating! :stuck_out_tongue:

No really, excellent work there, but it’s funny to think how much work it used to be to get the same effect.

Here’s the link to the Ocean Tools at Graphicall:

I’ve managed to get it running (and export by MDD) but cannot work out how to insert a new mesh (larger). Have given a link to a blend file where I’ve attempted to duplicate the settings on the new mesh -with the original one still there for reference…

Maybe someone who knows would be so kind as to point out why the mesh is not deforming? What have I missed?


are they gonna include this feature in an official version of Blender? maybe in 2.5?

Any update on this? I could really use this for a project… and there are no OSX builds on Graphicall.