"Ocean" without plane?

I recently tried to create a clear ocean without using a plane. Since I need the water to be circular, and the ocean modifier by default sets the object to a plane shape, I resorted to texturing. This didn’t work as well as hoped…is there any way to create an ocean that does not conform to a plane?

hi , have you tried a displacement modifier, its a brute force way of doing it, and i cannot understand why you would not just use a plane, but a displacement modifier should allow you the freedom of doing many different things, such as having a spherical ocean and other awesome things like this. however you will probably need to use an animated texture to displace the waves, OR use a few displace modifiers and have each one move in a different direction (with the textures offset tools.)

but to be honest It would be easier and simpler to just use an ocean modifier., just make sure your “circle” has enough geometry to work with…

but why WOULDNT u use a plane!? can you explain your reasoning to satisfy my curiosity.

you can use a plane with an ocean modifier, then use the boolTool addon with a cylinder with no caps, normals inverted and set the cylinder to a substract brush.
that way you will even have a consistant circular ocean and not just a surface.