I am currently doing some tests of making an ocean in Blender,
but before I post my test, I need opinions.
Below are two renders, both done in Yafray. The first has no global illumination,
and the 2nd has full gi at medium quality with no cache.
The full gi render took 5 minutes and 20 seconds, and the render without gi took 49 seconds, 61 milliseconds. The reason I need opinions first is because I’m going to render a 100 frame animation of the ocean and I want to know whether people prefer GI or no GI.
When that is done, I will put up the Blender internal render of the same animation
for comparison.

Thank you.

IMHO they both look equal, except the GI image has a bit lighter color. If you want to, to save time, use nodes to make the non-GI image look like it has GI. Though I have never used YafRay for animation, so you may have to use the sequence editor to apply the node changes to your final animation (the “Do Composite” button doesn’t seem to work in YafRay).


go to the actual ocean
and take notes about the way it moves
you will have better results

I agree with zapperjet. They look almost the same except gi has a lighter color that can be achieved without gi.

Excellent advice. Also, as you may know, check out cogfilms ocean tutorials. http://www.cogfilms.com/
And I also agree with zapperjet, but if the node thing doesn’t work with yafray you could always modify your lighting or something to fake it.

Wow, thanks for the replies everyone. The wave movement is from
the wave modifier.
Anyway, I have to go help make dinner and I just got some really good books from
the library (The Illusion of Life by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas :D) but I’ll
try and work on it after dinner later tonight.

Nice work, you might wanna look at the work by what’s his face mpan3, the .blend file is provided.


Looks cool!
It it’s and ocean, I might want to see more diversity in color, the higher parts being lighter due to greater light penetration, and the opposite for lower parts.


This is still a work in progress, but I have the basic ocean movement down so far.
Right now, I am working on keeping render time down. At the moment, the ocean renders in 25 seconds, with no raytracing (it isn’t needed), anti-aliasing at 5, and size 800x600.
So, now that the scene renders quickly I will be working on adding more details, e.g. foam and other things.
And as usual, here is the .blend file for everyone to play with.
Thanks for your advice blenderheads! (And CoreyAvitar, I did increase the contrast just for you ^_^).

The only difference is the brightness, you could just increase the light intensity.

One thing bothers in animation: thhose wawes are not moving, only the “whole sea” moves. I have one idea, though I don’t know does it work. Try to keyframe offsetY( and X if you want, I don’t know does it work) For eample, put it to zero in frame 1 and to 0.5 in frame 100. And same to all textures. You know :slight_smile:

Go to it and read the ocean tutorial!!!
Seriously, it’s an order!:RocknRoll:

Andrew-101: Okay, I’ll turn down the contrast a little in the nodes and try increasing the light intensity instead.

Eaglebreath: Thanks for pointing that out. That was one of the next things I was going to work on.

Blenditall: I have actually read and used the tutorial several times and will work on individual waves with texture offset.

At the moment, I am still experimenting with various textures for foam and texture offsets for small waves. Thank you for commenting everyone. :yes:

Hey that looks MUCH better already, I think with the animation suggestions above, this will be really sweet!
Good job!

Oh, ok:o. I just assumed you hadn’t yet, since it is lengthy. Plus, I have a bit of a habit of ordering people to read that tut:p.

New textures, offsets, and node improvements! Oh boy! :smiley:
Check out the .blend file and watch the new animation that I just uploaded.
Please comment! :wink:


Much better!!! though, there is too much ambient occlusion(or what’s that grainy thing in sea). otherwise it is so good!!!

Eaglebreath: The graininess came from a texture.
This time, I went for a blue ocean so colors and nodes were adjusted to give
the fitting look. I still need to figure out a way to put in small waves, but that’s
for another time. And did I mention each frame renders in only about 25 seconds? :smiley:
And as usual, here is the .blend file. http://uploader.polorix.net//files/222/Bluesea.blend

Next up, I am going to try a 4 second animation with raytracing, just to see how it makes the ocean look. Also, I will put in a little bit of transparency and experiment with subsurface scattering.
Please comment and tell me which ocean you like better, the green one, or the blue?

EDIT: Some stupid hacker messed with the Polorix uploader so please be patient as I figure out another
site to host my files on…

Hey, I couldn’t download the AVI, when I tried it wanted me to log in and splurted some obscenities. (OH MY!)
I want to see it though!

CoreyAvitar: Sorry about that. The polorix uploader got hacked, so many people’s files got messed up. Here is the video and the .blend file though. http://www.mediafire.com/?9suti99xcst
Please give some feedback on how you think it could be better. :slight_smile: