Oceanic Scene...Need help with making some simple items.

I can never make my sky maps go with what i model.

does anyone have suggestions for making water look like it goes all the way to the horizon?

I made the water with a height map. It was rendered in Blender.


Your problem is that your sky is too low. The clouds are right next too (and even below) the water line. So basically it would have to be that you are looking up a giant wave, but then the angle of the clouds isn’t right. What you need to do is get an image of an ocean with clouds in the background, put it as a texture on a plane in the background so you can control its possition.

Also, try normal ramp shaders on your water, so that the angle at which the water is viewed changes its color.


does this image look good for the background plane?



you’ll need to make sure that you light the water such that it has reflected sunlight of the sunset it’s self. It’s an ok image, I’m sure there are others that might be easier to use.

is there any way i could just use an Angmap or something similar?

How about the new tangential shader? That could be used sunset-like scenes where the reflection of the sun extends right from the horizon.

how do i use that?

i was thinking of using a blend texture…

i’ve made a ocean shader a while ago… maybe you like it:

http://mitglied.lycos.de/Crawl2/forumbilder/wasser_shader2_large.jpg <<< very large :wink:



best regards, kriech :slight_smile:


that is really nice! :smiley:

no problem… heres the blendfile. sorry for german object names. :wink:



hey, now i can learn some german at the same time :slight_smile:
EDIT: can i use your setup? It has exactly what i need!

okay… a raft is in the scene!

how do you make ropes, btw?

i also wuld like to make a far-off land…but i dont know how to do it.


ug… did they have oars in medieval times? how about fishing line?

also, hw would the look and how would i make them? I am an intermediate/beginner at 3D stuff, so im not very experianced… :-?

They’d have oars (after all, the Greeks had them for their battleships and they weren’t new then!)
The oars would be made of wood.

Fishing-line-wise, it’s unlikely. Fish used to be caught mainly by nets or spears, since rope could not be made thin enough for ‘invisible’ line.

Nets would be made using a network of knotted strings.

No doubt they’d’ve had lobster pots though.

how exactly does a lobster pot look?

and how exactly would i make a net?

Try this link for lobster pot images:

And this one for how to make chain link fences which could be used as nets and given a different material/texture to look like fishing line/rope.


hmm…the links don’t work… 404 errors all over the place :x

ok, didn’t check, just google for a chain link tutorial and see what you get that works. Google is your friend, search first, then ask for help!

You need some foam on those crests. It improves the look of the ocean by 99%.