These are some ocean tests that I made yesterday.
Blender Internal, Blender 2.62


I made this one aswell.

I dunno, the sunny and cloudy one look real, but the sunset one looks kinda off…
I really like the last one you did though.
Very good.

I really like these as well, but I also agree with @Ishcabibil. I think the realism issue might be a result of the clouds dipping below the horizon. You might want to try raising the sky textures so that we see the clouds peter off by the edge of the water, more realistically.

I see what you mean, I will try to do that next time. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

No worries :slight_smile:

I’m not fond of the orange or purple ones. The blue one gets real close. The gray one is spot on!

Very often, the day after a big storm blows through the winds die down, the chop lessens, and you’re left with this this long 25 or 30 foot deep ground swell. The boat will drop down between the swells and looking up at the crest it cuts through the sky just like that.

i think it’s a great image. It’s still dark out, and still gray, but the ocean shows that the storm has past.


Thanks alot :). That was actually the first one i did and is also my favourite.