Octane for Blender vs Cycles?

Hi. I am finally getting into the render engines within Blender. I spend a few months learning the model workflow and UI (I come from Rhino and Modo). I really love Blender.

I am now trying to get into the render “module”. I am wondering if someone has some information regarding Octane? I could not find much in the forum.

I read and follow some people from Instagram and they seem to really like Octane when it comes to light quality and physics fidelity. But also I can see amazing things done in Cycles.

I guess it is a matter of taste. I am just curious if anyone tried Octane, its limitations and advantages on cycles? I ve seen some videos in you tube, but the information there also is scarce.

Any thoughts?
I am thinking that now I am still fresh might be a good idea to pick one and get into it.

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I would shed some light on this from this page: The best rendering engine is the one who is the most intigrated. That can only be Cycles. It is compiled in C so it runs fastest. All others are integrated in python as an addon, which is slower even if the core is implemented in C. The cycles team works with the Blender team more closely than any other. The pioneering days in 3d are also over. Choosing a renderer is like choosing a camera. What do you prefer canon or nikon? I like Luxcore as the final renderer. But cycles node system is simply unbeatable. I guess I don’t need to start with prices LOL.


There’s a two-part video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrX3T62vasJkJx5dLy-sRWQ

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Thank you , I watched them few days ago, but did not think they give an insight about the advantages of using one over the other


I’m a 6-year Octane user that switched to E-Cycles, which is over twice as fast as stock Cycles, and somewhat faster than Octane.

• Octane has a few really neat bells and whistles that I find I practically never need in normal day-to-day work.

• I still have V4 Octane (perpetual license) if I need it. And I occasionally need to re-render old jobs with it.

• Grab yourself the free 1-GPU version of Octane and use it for rendering anything that can’t be done Cycles/E-Cycles. I personally wouldn’t recommend buying Octane until you have used the free version for some time and use it to a point that you are very compelled to buy a license or subscription.

• Octane can not use Blender’s materials (Principled BSDF, etc). All materials need to be converted first. Supposedly Octane has a new converter, that I haven’t tried.


Thank you! I did not know there was a "official " Blender Octane.
Thought the only option was the free kind of beta version.

So you did have an Octane with all the features? like a stand alone ?


Yes, there is an official Octane Blender. You are able to use up 20 GPUs (I believe that’s the current limit) with each license.

Yes, I have always had Octane with all of features. Many of which I never need. I am thrilled with E-Cycles and have not had one occasion where I needed to render something in Octane because E-Cycles couldn’t, in almost a year of (daily) use.

Octane standalone is really, really nice for certain types of gigs, like if you had many different renders of products in multiple colors/materials… things like that. It is a completely node-based system, which can be lightning fast or a major pain-in-the-ass, depending on what your are trying to do.

But 90% of my work was in Octane for LightWave. I essentially left LW for Blender shortly after Blender 2.8 alpha came out. Now I can say that I am 100% a Blender/E-Cycles man… except for when I need to re-render those old Octane LW jobs…

Edit: To be clear: Octane has been around a long time and has plugins for virtually all of the top 3D apps, like Maya, Max, C4D, etc, etc, but even apps like Rhino and SketchUp… I think it’s available for over twenty apps, and Blender has been one of those apps for years. Standalone comes with each plugin license. Actually, you must have it installed too.

Otoy’s Octane page


Do you find a difference between the final render lighting? material ? The quality I mean? Have you ever compared both of them?

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No, not really. But more importantly neither do my clients. I gotta bang out some work bro. If I get a chance later, I’ll elaborate some on this.

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