Octane Texture Displacement not working

Hey everyone,

I am very new to Blender Octane and I have a problem.
I have the newest version installed.

My Problem is that the Texture Displacement doesn’t work. If I use Vertex Displacement everything works fine, but as soon as I change to Texture Displacement it doesn’t show any Displacement.
I hope this is not off topic, and you can help me because I really like the Texture Displacement functionality.
Thank you for helping me!

Do you have a UV? Octane displacements require UVs…

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Yes, I have a box projection connected to the projection input of the noise texture that controls the displacement.

Box projection won’t work. You need to choose UV (and have a UV to begin with). And your noise needs to be rasterized first (bake texture node), if the noise is procedural.

Oh ok so unbaked noise texture doesn´t work for displacement? That´s unfortionate…

There is a bake texture node that rasterizes procedurals on the fly… I believe all the Octane plugs have this ability. It did in Octane LightWave and Standalone. I don’t use Octane Blender, since switching from LW. I’m an E-Cycles man now.


That worked thank you so much!

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You’re quite welcome! Go displace some sh!t. ; - )

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Will do :smiley:

Norka! I just signed up here to thank you, you saved my life.

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Hey, that’s great! Welcome to Blender bro! You too go displace some shit! ;- )