Octo problem

I’m trying to model an octopus using an array modifier. I essentially extruded a circle (with 8 sides) to make the body and cut into 8 wedges. I deleted seven of these and extruded 1 tentacle from the bottom. After that, I applied an array modifier to complete the octopus. The problem is, when I try to apply a subsurface modifier, it does not affect the edges where the octopus wedges intersect. What am I doing wrong?

I think I have it. It doesn’t look like it’s merging the vertices at the edges. Is there a simple way to do this?

Make sure ‘Merge’ and ‘First Last’ are checked in the array modifier
Sub surface modifier must be after the array modifier

What does first last do?

If you place your cursor over it(no click), Blender displays a description
First Last Merges vertices in the first and last duplicates

Makes sense. It’s coming along a lot better now. Thanks for your help.