October Bird box

(G_Taurus) #1

please c&c

(nehpets) #2

a tad bit to much DOF in the front…the tree would actually be in focus if the bird was…

(G_Taurus) #3

I used on DOF plugin Zblur, and autofocus, becasuse I can’t use manual focus.

(Edeehem) #4

I can’t tell the difference between what is a picture and what is modeled…We can conclude from this fact that you have done a AWESOME JOB!

(Khnum) #5

the birds eyes make it look unreal, it’s the only thing that really throws off the realism for me, I can live with the exagerated DoF. Good Job!

(G_Taurus) #6

Khnum:How do you improve it(eye)?

(Khnum) #7

it’s just a black dot atm, perhaps some feathery eyelids or something, I’d just do a google search of the bird type and look at what they look like and try to mimic it.

(kit89) #8

I think the trees in the background throw off the realism as well.

There just so blurred for being so close.

The eye seems to be stuck on to its head.

I like the bird house. Matches the scene very well :smiley:

(G_Taurus) #9

I tested spray about bird eye and other positions of leaves on bird box.

(G_Taurus) #10