Octopus spaceship (line art)...

Modelled in Wings 3D and rendered in Blender, with its internal line rendering tool. It is an experimenting, in fact, about the ways of using 3D models in comicbooks. You know, in such a case once you model an object you may use it in many situations, in different scales, angles, perspectives etc.

I tried to make a render using Freestyle too but in vain… the app did not respond. Though Blender’s internal line applying tool made the work very easily.

It seems that the internal line rendering tool needs more options… it is responding very well and it is a pity not to have it in a more developed condition. An option for the thickness, some more styles etc would enrich it most significantly.

Comments and crits are welcome, of course… : - )



really nice space-ship (if totally insane and impractical) design - but I think your render might be stretched sideways - like 4:3 image desplayed on a widescreen TV.

Thanks a lot for the comments… I am answering after many days because I waited to make some experiments first with Freestyle and share my thoughts accordingly. : - )

Unfortunately, despite my trying many times to achieve easily so fast and clean cut results as with the BI line art tool I did not be able to achieve something so.

I tried also to modify the lines by using nodes but this was not so easy… if there was a separate layer for the lines pass too things would be very easy to manage but there is no such a thing (at least, as far as I did discern).

The ‘dilate-erode’ node does many things as to thickening the lines, indeed… thanks for suggesting it.

Btw, Enc, your work is interesting… it seems that you have made a lot of searching about 3D line art before producing such a work… : - )