While converting a 2D isometric game engine I wrote over to Linux, I decided to replace the placeholder graphics I was using. Here’s the first.

This little guy is fully rigged, but I wanted to see if there was any C&C from the Zelda fans.


he is very red
what about some shading
you could bake some AO to the texture

wow that looks like it was drawn

You feel an intense need to kill this creature.

Seriously, memories of running around the very first NES zelda overmap with like 1 or 1/2 (did they do halves in that one?) heart left trying to dodge everything; those were the worst. :slight_smile:

no, they were the best. that game was amazing.


Quick slash him with your sword *slunk *slunk *pop haha killed him…oh yes ahem, looks good, but waylow is right i think he shoud look a little less drawingish, but again nice job.
Yes i’ve had many a happy hour playing Zelda.

definitly looks very flat.