Oculus Rift and Kinect game


This is my university project from the last semester. For this project, I was supposed to create a virtual reality environment which would allow to perform a fear overcoming therapy, for fear of joint rotations.

You’ll need to use a VRPN server to use this, like FAAST. Also, you’ll need to copy some files into python/lib/ folder in order for the game to work (I hope it doesn’t violate the GPL).

And, last, and foremostly, you’ll need to use 32 bit version of Blender, unless you’re able to compile the Oculus Rift and VRPN client bindings for your own system. The process of how to do so is explained in the report which is in the file.


In this simulation, you can be a bison, or a MineCraft character, or a character from Makehuman. There’s some retargeting and matrix transformation magic involved.
Oh, and makehuman armature is not ragdolled, so there’s no collision for her.

Feel free to reuse the code to do something else.


Can you upload a video of someone playing? It’s pretty cool that you got the Rift working with Blender, nice job.

Great job, I have some questions.
Working with blender game engine?
Can you use blender game engine to create games for Oculus Rift?
Thank you.

Sorry for my English


Uh, I’d probably have a problem right now, as I have returned both Oculus Rift and Kinect to the university.


Yes, but you’ll need to write Python bindings for Oculus Rift (you can write extern C .dlls for normal Oculus Rift library or use OpenHMD) to get rotation. After that you only need to come up with a shader. This shader uses two cameras, and you need to set the view ports accordingly. So the left camera uses rectangle defined by these points (0, 0) (width/2, height), and the right uses (width/2, 0) (width, height).