Odd Artifact in Model Window 2.5Beta

I have been running Alpha2 for a while with no problems.
Last Sunday I loaded 2.5Beta and every thing still functions OK but I am getting what looks like the edges of a window in the upper right quadrant of my model windows. Like a transparent window is in the corner and all you see is the left and bottom edges of the window frame. It happens the same in each model window and does not change size with the model.

I am running WIndows7 64bit with a ATI Radeon 5700 Video Card
Anyone else seen this?

I get this same artifact. Not 100% sure what causes it, but perhaps it is related to a plugin? I haven’t been able to replicate it freely, just appears at random.

I’m Running Windows XP SP2 and a 8800GTS card from nVidia.


I get this error when the measure panel add-on is enabled, try disabling it and see if it goes away.

That’s the trick. The measure add-on seams to be causing it.


Thanks for the help