Odd Diagonal Shadow on Cycles Texture

I’m trying to make something like the Zerg Creep from Starcraft, but I ran into this odd issue while playing around. Something is causing the weird diagnonal shadow you can see on the right of the image, but I’m not sure what, or how to get rid of it. Source file here:

Creep.blend (797.1 KB)

Hello the multiply on normal is creating it i think?
Have a look.

It seems I’m not sure what the normal modifier does for the Glossy shader. I assumed it applied the effects of a bump map to where reflections show up, but did I misunderstand?

You would usually put the multiply into the material output, Displacement input on the right.
And then getting it working how you like it.

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Ah, didn’t see Displacement on the Material Output node. That makes more sense now, thanks.

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