Odd face behaviour

I think I bumped into a bug. The face connected to grabbed vertices doesn’t seem to behave correctly. Or am I overlooking something?


You see the leftmost edge? It seems to be in a wierd place.

blend file

I don’t think it’s a real bug. the face borderd by the 4 vertices is not a real planar face, because the verts are not all on the same “height”; and so it has to be tiled into 2 triangles like done in this modified blend-file of yours.
i’ve done the tiling only on the front side - to avoid this odd behaviour completely, you must tile the mesh on the other side, too.


Sound fairly reasonable, although if I do make the faces coplanar (scale on y, 0), I still have to ctrl-t and alt-j the faces to get them “working” again. Meaning there could be a bug with the way Blender triangulates the faces?

maybe sometimes blender triangulates faces a little bit “unfortunatly”, but I don’t think of a real bug, because I could do this “error” on other 3D-systems, too. Until now I did not mention this behaviour, because I prefer to model much things “by hand”.

but if you think this thing feels “buggy”, feel free to post it in the blender bug-tracker (you must have/create an account for that):

Nah, I’ll believe you, and it seems quite a minor thing.