Odd Node Expirement

here are my settings (i really dont know how to use nodes properly… found this on accident…)
couldnt find a good noding tut so i just explore xD

just felt i should share this… sorta interesting imo.

yes, kirsch does excellent edge detect. Neat isn’t t - and it can be applied to a whole video!

in the future, make sure you show the lines and how the nodes string together.

Yes, please re-post to show the connections.

If possible post a blend file with the nodesetup since that is the best way to learn :slight_smile:

Aw, c’mon guys. This one’s easy I reckon…

Have a close look at the node setup. There’s only 4 nodes that have anything to do with us…

  1. Render Layer
  2. RGB Curves
  3. Kirsch Filter
  4. Composite

And that’s it. Most of the junk there is just that. Junk.
All you have to do is connect

RenderLayer “Image” output ------> RGB Curves “Image” input
RGB Curves “Image” output -------> Kirsch Filter “Image” input
Kirsch Filter “Image” output -------> Composite “Image” input.

The thing everyone’s missing is that the RGB curves node has been changed not just on the C channel, but also on the R and G channels. R+G = Yellow…

The RGB Curves C channel looks like the RGB curves node shown in the top of the image, while both the R and the G channels look like either of the other two curves (but they must be pretty much identical, otherwise a R or G or B shift is seen to the yellow)

Here you all go: http://www.savefile.com/files/1224773