Odd tracking problem with added objects.

I’m trying to make a simple robotron style shooter, with WASD for movement and arrow keys to shoot in 4 different dierctions. I’m using 4 emtpies for tracking to make sure you’re facing in the right direction when you fire, and 2 empties parented to the robot that add the bullet objects.

When I press up or down, everything tracks and fires properly, but when I press left or right it fires the bullet at an odd angle. The robot tracks properly, so I can’t understand what the problem might be. Any one ever run into this? Is it a bug?


what is tracking?

the robot or the empty’s parented to it?

if it’s the empty’s and the robot turns too it wont work right

The robot is tracking. The addObject empties are parented to the robot. When it tracks up/down/left/right, the empties move with it to the new position. The robot is in the correct position, the bullet empties are in the correct position, but the added object bullets fire at an angle, maybe 15 degrees off course.

weird… can you post a little .blend or something?


WASD move, arrows shoot.

I’m hoping to make a character to use in some tutorials, but this shooting thing is incredibly annoying. Hopefully it’s something that might be easier to do when 2.43 is released.

I can remember there was a thread with a similar issue (long time ago). I don’t know if it finally was solved. But check that you haven’t scaled anything that is a parent.