Odd underground crime scene

Finally finished it thanks to some pointers in the WIP forum :slight_smile:


It is looking good.
But to be honest, Im not seeing the “story” in the picture.
Like: What happend?

There is not really a cleu is what i mean.
Maybe i’m wrong and just really stupid. But i think thats why it not get to much attention


Thanks for the reply. I don’t mind if it’s not getting a huge amount of attention, because I did receive the critiques concerning the things that bothered me as well. Apparently I just needed some conformation, that those things should be tweaked a bit.

Story wise… I’m a weird personality, so I usually make concept art or characters in the same manner. I tend to do somethings a bit confusing from time to time, so the answer you’re looking for is not there at first glance if you know what I mean. Or, some things just have to stay an odd puzzle :slight_smile: I plan to make a series of odd types like this one. The so called “weirdness” will be the main guide line with small highlighted objects that don’t make much sense in the composition.

Thats is simply amazing
It give the render another look i didnt see first.
anyways Good job

I love the mystery in this scene. Nice work!