ODE Blender?

Is it possible to download ODE Blender, and if so, where?


It is not in top shape but shows the potential.
You should look for Hos posts on blender.org where you’ll find sample files.

Thank you! I tried it out and ODE seems to be pretty good, I like it better than the original game engine, but it stil has some flaws; sometimes objects bounce in mid air where there is nothing to bounce on, and I can’t stack objects without them bouncing all over the place, even with the restit. level all the way down. It is cool, though, and I like what you can do with it. The possibilities are a lot higher.

Once again thank you,

ODE is still buggy but least its something! and we got a guy working on it, Thank you :slight_smile: to who ever is working on it. Main problem I see is collision.

I noticed that a lot of objects “bounce” around on the ground even when their restitution value is all the wat down, and they are exactly touchind the “ground” surface. Is there any way to stop this or prevent it?

Nope, it’s a bug.


Yup… BIG bug… but it’s fun anyways! And what’s even better… IT WORKS! (well… a little…) hehehe.

But this proves that some developers DO care about us GameBlendererers… :smiley:
[and hope they… (or is it just one?) keep up the good work!]