"Ode to Trignac"

I’ve always admired Gerard Trignacs art. The grandiose and mysterious tones he’s able to capture in his pieces are really incredible and captivating in my opinion. So I tried my best to recreate one of his pieces in 3d! :smile: Hope you like it! C&C is very welcome, thank you for checking out my render!


What does c and c stand for?

That looks great.
Things in the clouds and the com spots in the water make me think some work was done in post ? Not that it matters, really looks good. The birds where a nice touch.

Constructive Criticism.


Hi Collin,

I’d agree Trignac has many fantastic pieces. Le Mur being one of my favorites. Nice render too.



Thank you very much!! the only thing done in post is color grading and a simple vignette, the calm portions of the water are actually made with a mesh textured with a png of foam, and then shrinkwrapped onto the surface :grin: and glad you like the birds! They were added last minute so I’m glad you noticed them! :laughing:


Hey Paul! He certainly does! He’s definitely one of my inspirations! Thank you for the nice comment! :+1:


C&C means “comments and criticism” as far as I know :laughing:


Thanks for the explanation.
Sorry for scribbling on your work; how did you get the swirl-ish looking cloud in just one spot ?

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Yeah no problem man! So, funny story, the procedural cloud material I’m using has a tendency to create weird lines in the volume, no matter how much I crank the volume settings. So In post, I like to just smear the lines a little bit to make everything smoother. The swirly bit you circled is probably just a side effect of the smearing. :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Sorry, I forgot to add the link:

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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Really awesome !
I love it :slight_smile:

You are very close to Trignac’s work except maybe ( if i can afford a lil comment ) that Trignac’s drawings use to look a bit ‘hazy’ ( prolly due to his technique ).
Maybe you could give a try a giving your render a lil less perfect with some athmosperic scattering ?

Anyway, congratz and thanks for this nice piece of art !

Happy blending !


Good to hear from you again Bart! Thank you for the feature! The love is greatly appreciated! All the support just fuels my fire to learn and improve more :+1:


Thank you for the very nice comment! Yes I definitely see what you mean, will for sure keep an eye out for that on my next piece :grin:

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the mood, contrast an the sky are awsome. i like 3d black and white pictures . i guess they are rare :wink: