Off set group?

Some years ago before versions 2.49 it was possible to off set groups, later on that option disappeared, - is it possible today in the newest versions? (I´m not updated) I´m running version 2.76…
It used to be so nice to just copy paste the same grouped animated object into a scene and then off set with different numbers, e.g - 5, -20, +25, creating the illusion that we´re dealing with different objects, eg. bird wing movements etc.

I would really like to be able to do this, but I’ve not worked out how to do this yet.

On your group instance, you can move it around or animate it using the Delta Transform in the object property if that is what you mean by moving it around. This is where you key it also.

I personally am trying to offset animation in an animated linked group through time… so that (say) the original group has an animation that starts on frame 100 - I would like to have 4 of them in a scene with the animation starting at frames 80, 90,100 and 110.

I’ve not looked at animation nodes at all… would that solve this?

Not quite sure I understand. If you want the same group to be offset, then just push the appended action down to the NLA, duplicate and move where you want. If you want to use four instances of the same group, no. Blender 2.79 won’t do it. However, we are supposed to be able to do it in 2.8. Usually my work around is just to bite the bullet and make the second group a local copy and then assign the actions and push those downs.

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If we are able to do this in 2.8 then I may adopt early for a certain professional project… tell me more 8)

In a discussion with Andy Goralczyk on the blender cloud about workflow, Pranavjit Virdi stated that was set for 2.8 as recently as August. As you know things could change, but right now I’m waiting some crowd animation while they work out the dynamic and static overrides which will allow this to happen. Haven’t heard much more about it yet.

Thankyou, but I’ve not been able to find it.