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Upbge must live. Some people use it as hobby some as education

Seems like there is some miss information floating around, i just want to clear up the air a little.

BGE didnt get “ditched”, in the way you think. The engine was mainly developed by a single person to begin with, and this person eventually quit.
Noone was able to pick up where he left off, namely because he was the only one who mainly worked on it. This is why it suddenly stopped evolving too.

Second point to clear up, is the industry. The “industry” has a lot of respect for blender now. It is the go-to software for the majority of indie studios, and is also gaining a lot of attention from large developers such as SideFX, Pixologic and Epic Games, who are all working on building bridges between their own software and blender, to make the workflow far more seamless.

I’ve also heard rumours that Adobe is doing the same with substance painter, but this i cannot confirm.

This all started after 2.80 took off, so it has really gained traction as of lately.

I dont think blender will ever pick up another game engine again. At least from a professional standpoint, i think it makes a lot more sense to focus on integrating unreal engine as best as possible, given that its free, and given how far its come lately.

That said, i still adore what UPBGE is doing. Its really awesome to see how a community can thrive, and make incredible stuff with an engine worked on by so few people. I really hope upbge sticks around.

Nobody asked to bridge Unreal to Blender, or any respect from the industry. All we are asking for is an integrated Blender game engine. If we wanted to integrate into the industry we would have downloaded cracked versions of it from torrents. All this re-branding mirage has only one result : No Blender game engine!

a lot of people are asking for blender to unreal integration. It makes a lot of sense from a professional standpoint too. Developing an entire game engine takes a lot of time and resources. I’ll be very, VERY surprised if they ever do it again.

And what are you talking about with downloading a torrent? Unreal is free, why would you torrent it?

First of all is about downloading the industry programs, not Unreal, second of all you are mistaking me with the majority and third , off course they did ask for Unreal integration after you deleted the integrated game engine ! Next people will ask for Maya and 3dMax integration cause you’ll decide to delete the modeling workflow, imagine what would happen when you decide to delete sculpting, Zbrush right ?

can we take this somewhere else - split off or something?

all of this is off topic*

I really dont want to talk down on the game engine that blender once had, but lets be real, it was never going anywhere. It was a fun side project, chances are it’d never make it. It really does not make financial sense to invest resources into developing it.

Blender is a 3D package, not a game engine. There is a reason none of those other programs you mentioned has one.

It is very likely that they would have to start from scratch, given how outdated the old engine was.

And blender didnt go out of their way asking unreal to integrate it because they removed the old engine. It has a lot more to do with the boom in popularity within the indie industry, which is a demographic that unreal is also going for. It completely makes sense for them to cooperate.

That’s not true. BGE had 4-5 official developers (panzergame, HG1, sybren, dalai and me) + youle.
It was the only Blender module that needed the approval of 3 developers to include any new commit. In view of the lack of fluidity to make the changes needed by the BGE a fork was created with the purpose of deeply changing the code and then reintegrating it into the official branch.

The code was changed and optimized. A proposal for integration was made and in the end it was denied saying that a BGE with the new desgraph and eevee was wanted, that the BGE was old.

The BGE was updated again by introducing eevee and starting to introduce depsgraph and then suddenly BGE was removed from the official branch.

At this point I don’t really care why BGE was removed, but you can’t be telling lies to create a new truth, which is so fashionable these days.


yeah whole systems were replaced using new eevee systems

KX_MeshProxy is now replaced with BPY object

you can keyframe all sorts of stuff too and use it in the game engine
even particle physics stuff

the thing is a new game engine - able to be considered on it’s own merits.

there has also been lots of cleanup / reformating / ditching of old dependancy etc

Yeah and Blender was so advanced that it was worth invested on, and promoted, and was going somewhere. And now all the financial sense is not enough to code a ‘lousy’ game engine ? 3d package right, all the features with no game engine. All this nonsense come to a single conclusion, Unreal bribed it to push it. Do you think i don’t know what’s their ace up his sleeve ?

Hmm how was the distribution of responsibilities on the development of the game engine, im talking roughly 4 years back. It is so long ago that i cant recall the source, but from what i heard, there was a stagnation due to a person leaving the studio, and noone being able to pick up where it was left off. Is this completely inaccurate? I am again referring to roughly 3-5 years ago, far before i believe eevee was even conceptualised.

I’m referring to the same date too. 3-5 years ago.
At that day moguri left the development of BGE and I write to Ton to make it a proposal. I introduced a young team (panzergame, hg1 and myself) to continue the development of BGE. At begining we need the approval of 3 official developers to make any commit but this approval was always needed even 1-1.5 year after. Additionally each commit was more difficult as the official developers don’t review our code (it is normal, they have so much work in other areas) and therefore we proced to do the fork (only to make the changes quicker)

Was there a time where all development seemed to stop, due to the fork being established? And at the time of this fork, was there any changes to the dev roster?

never stopped. Even you have here the patch for introduce all new changes to master.
Jan 2017:

There are some illogical things in your statements. One is that Blender was constantly updating before 2.8 and was not, it was old too and had a lot of shortages in every area.

I cant locate the source at all, perhaps it was inaccurate, or time faded my understanding of what happened, good to have to cleared up. It has been my explanation for quite some time whenever someone brought up the “why was it removed” question.

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But hey the past is sad but the future may not be. I still have hope that at some point BGE will return to Blender.

Enough past for today. Cheers

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I never suggested that it lacked updates prior to 2.80, i just suggested that it had a boom in popularity after 2.80.

dam after reading all through this thread i now even more disapointed by blenders direction decision makers… the saying: “its all about people + blender comunity” doesnt suit from this BGE history at all… : (
i heep reading that interactive mode “will be” somewhen while UPBGE got so much cleaned up and improved and still got ignored… and promises continued for interactive mode… time is running and we all get older. why need have mantaflow, greace pencil, that main eevee developer working on it instead on Vulkan in that time, if decision makers said " we dont want invent the wheel" : (