Offer of soundtrack work for free

Hey guys,

I am an undergrad student doing Music Technology at Edinburgh Uni in the UK. As part of my course we are allowed to do a free composition module. I really wanted to hand in either an animation/film soundtrack or a game soundtrack.

Ideally the game would have maybe something like 3 separate distinct parts to it, possibly differing, that I could write the music for, but I’m open to suggestions.

If I did soundtrack someone’s work, it would be completely noncommercial and I would only hand it in as part of my University portfolio.

Thanks for any input/help on this.


Would you consider making a sound track for a game that I am working on?
The game is inspired by the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, so there can be some variance to the music. (e.g Sailing, fighting, town music)

I will post back a bit later with more information about the themes of the game.

Edit: As for themes, it will be mostly about exploration, a large, vast ocean that you have to sail across. There will be fantasy aspects to the game. I think string sounding music would fit it nicely, so violins, cellos. Also, think vikings, but not the sort of rape, pillage and burn type.

Also, how long do you intend to make a sound track?

Here is some work from the game:

I’m also working on a game, zelda/final fantasy like and I was wondering if you could help me out :slight_smile:

Music for a field like the zelda twilight princess overword song. Something like this:

A dungeon theme something like this:

Boss battle theme something like this:

Make them all sound like it’s from ocarina of time. Thanks a lot…
Here’s a link to my game if you need to see it:

try to make it 2:30 minutes long and tiled.

Thanks for your help I really appriciate it :slight_smile:

Hey, this sounds like a great project to work on, could you send more details my way via [email protected]

Regarding length, it depends on what each section of music requires. A basic roaming tune would be maybe 3 minutes long at most, but something that is easily listenable so it can repeat while the player explores. Similar ideas for dungeon music or fighting music but with a different vibe behind them.

Give me an email and we can discuss specifics, sounds good though!