Office Building Archviz

Hi, everyone! glad to finally post my first thread here. This is re-render of old architectural projects that previously done using Sketchup. This is an office building of internet service provider located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Tried to learn Blender by doing this scene. Almost everything modeled in Blender, some of the furniture are from 3D Warehouse, and the car is from Blender BMW benchmark scene. Rendered in Cycles with 1024 samples with denoiser for about 2.5 hours each in 1080p resolution with GTX 960 and post-processed in Affinity Photo. Most textures are from Critiques and feedback are welcomed!

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I like it, but to mutch blur (denoise).

Yeah, I’m struggling with the noise. Apparently need more samples and resolution. Still trying to find best settings to render this scene without having too much time for rendering. If anyone can recommend good settings for this type of scene I’m here to listen.

I love these exterior renders, and I have plenty of houses ready to render but I just can’t light the scene correctly. I was wondering if you could help out with my dilemma and share your lighting setup with me.

Have the same idea with you… but still good work.

Yeah, still struggling with with the noise in scene like this. Now I’m trying to play with clamp settings and see if the output could be better, and also maybe increase the samples too.

The lighting is quite simple, just hdri environment and combination of lamp types and mesh light for the interior. There’s a a lot of lighting design inspiration around the web.

IMHO looking very nice. I have to wonder about several settings through with all this glass. Caustics not on, Clamp Indirect at 1.20 vs say 5 or even 10, Max and Transmission set to 4 vs 12 for each. But, once again very nice render.

very nice,looks photoreal.overexposed screen is distracting.

I like a lot the puddles of water…LOL!
Very good sens of reality! Congratulations Man!

Yeah, I thought the same thing, but it was what the client ask, giant screen to show their advertisement

Thank you, just following blender guru’s tutorial with some improvisation

Got to agree about the overexposed screen.
It’s the first thing your eye goes to.
Everything else is very professional looking.

Yeah, maybe I’ll change the screen image with less demanding one, and turn the brightness down too. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you, just following blender guru’s tutorial with some improvisation.

The car is the only thing I don’t like, it appears to have no interior thickness for the cabin, perhaps darker glass could hide it, I like the first image the best, you could render it at 200% for a cleaner image but it will take longer of course.

I think that everything is great, the lighting, the texturing, materials, the mood in general… And I agree with the others about the screen, but thats all. I’m bothered with too long render times (for a professional production environment), but the denoising artefacts I don’t mind

@ HelmyArdiansyah

Very nice render.

It’s possible to share your setup for the denoising?

Just the default setting