Office Desk Render

Okay guys, I think this is my final render for my office desk project. If you all thinks it’s good, it will be my last, if you have anything I should change I may revise it. Any comments are truly appreciated. Rendered at 4K, Blender Internal. 5:47 to render


something about the wall isnt right. and the wood texture on the desk is definitely lacking, try using a wood texture and go to map to>cube then add ray mirror and lower the gloss

does the wall look a bit blotchy? i’m not sure why but i’ll work on fixing it. and by a wood texture, do you mean a picture of wood or a Blender generated texture?

here are some close-ups of the wall and the wood. could you explain why you don’t like them?


Wood: the grains look too pronounced

wall: the texture is too big/small… the bumps are too big