(lacilaci86) #1

Freestyle of an Office design, personal project for figuring out how to use luxcore for interior rendering…

Using some of the more recent daily builds in linux/ubuntu not sure which but after beta4 version
Average 2hrs per 4K image(4770K+GTX1060) + Declan Russel’s standalone build of nvidia denoiser.

This project on behance: has a download link for the chair model

[WIP]Bevel after Boolean
(anas) #2

oh i would love to work in this office !!!

(saiko) #3

Top notch! Should be featured…
What kind of lighting did you use - would be great to know.

(Giom) #4

This is great work.

(lacilaci86) #5

Oh it’s just sky and then the interior lamps-meshlights.

(lacilaci86) #6

wireframe overview and some blender screenshots:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #7

Hi lacilaci, I’d like to add some of these renders to our gallery.
Is that ok with you? I would use the same name and portfolio link you gave me last time.

(lacilaci86) #8

Of course…
It’s an honor :slight_smile: