Official BAC#9 WIP

This is the official WIP Thread for the BAC#9 . Participants are encouraged to add their WIPs to this thread.

ok heres the wip of my attempt. this is the first part of the animation

uh; hope to see how it develops.
I tested the rig, it is a pain to bent the fingers. I can also see that problem in your animation. Couldn’t you curl them?

For the fingers :
When you select one of the green fingers bones ‘DRV_fing…’, look at the ‘N’-panel

You can bend the finger with the angles ‘Base’, ‘Mid’ and ‘Tip’. You can also reset these values with the ‘clear transforms’ button.

ooh i didnt notice that Kiopaa, thanks dude it really helps

Hi, here is the rough blocking of my animation :

Hello everyone

I´m think about, how I can do for rotate the body with the pivot in the hands?

I watched your animation (Kiopaa), and I can see the perfect rotation.

I think about snap cursor to select (with the two hands selected) and rotate two foot, neck and body bones. Is it correct?



Hi chotio,
You’re right, but even better : snap cursor on bone ‘IK_Tube’ (the bone of the bar) and rotate two foots, two hands, neck and body.

Thank’s a lot!

I’m work in progress with my animation.