Official Blender font?

Is there a .ttf file of the font used the Blender logo anywhere?

Helvetica Bold Extended with custom vertically sheared ascenders.

The zip contains the logos in Adobe Illustator. Feel free to play around, but remember that it is copyrighted.

EDIT: Helvetica Bold Extended with some major customizations it seems. Still, the basic origin is defintely Helvetica.

Thanks a lot!

I’m making a brochure for Blender at school. Nothing commercial. I might present it on my exams if it gets good enough…

What about Swiss Condensed/Swiss Bold Condensed? See this chart aswell (don’t mind the filename, it’s about something else being wrong: Pantone colors and mm for a .company).

Swiss 721 (Swis721) is a rip off so to speak of Helvetica. I’ve compared the two and they’re extremely similiar. In my opinion, the Helvetica Neue font files are better quality and better hinted.

That’s a really cool and interesting article written by Joeri:

Perfect. I’m having some problems getting the right colors on the brochure. (RGB/CMYK…). That chart will help a lot (and save money. 20 test prints consume a lot of ink.) :smiley:

Interesting article too.