Official pie menu dropped on Today´s 2.81?

What happened? It was working on yesterday´s version and today I see the warning message that the script is not supported any more?
And what´s up with “CTRL+S” being in a pie menu?
ALT+SPACEBAR is the current assigned pie menu to transformation tools.

I need the CTRL+SPACEBAR to toggle between my transformation tools in a glimpse.
How can I restore it back, please?
Urgent help!

Yes, official pie menu doesn’t work no more… Please make TAB as pie menu that toggle between modes in official release - super useful.

In previous releases, there was already another addon with more options than official one.
In 2.80, some pie-menus became options of default keymap without the need to enable an addon.

So, there is no reason to provide Official Pie-menus as an addon if they can be set-up just through keymap configuration.

So, if you want TAB as a pie menu ; just tick the option in Keymap config.
If you want more pie-menus, just use Viewport Pie Menus addon. That is a misleading name.
It contains general pie-menus like Ctrl S callable from any editor.

2.81 version sadly missing some older pie menus:

Snapping pie was very nice because on / off toggle and selection were on same button. Was it removed because they couldn’t fit new snapping options in it? I gotta admit nested Snap Target was already horribly slow design, but pie always could have been modified to just have more buttons like in delete pie:


And I really don’t know why Proportional Edit falloff pie was removed.

A pie-menu is not the best option for snapping abilities discovery.
Currently Shift Ctrl Tab panel allows you to shift click to combine several snapping methods. A pie-menu does not allow that.
It would be better if panel does not disappear after first click.

Now, there are 2 new edge methods (for a total of 7).
There are 4 options that are specific to method used and 3 buttons to enable/disable specific transforms.
In Delete pie-menu, you only deal with operators at same level. Clicking on one option does not disable others.
So, that means 2 more options to display and no way to nicely expose to what level each option corresponds to.

Shift Tab to enable/disable snap.
Shift Ctrl Tab for snap target.
It is not hard to remember almost same key combo.

But if you don’t want to use all complexity of new snapping features ; you can still write a pie-menu for that.
I think that meta-androcto just tried to encourage people to use Shift Ctrl Tab to discover new features.
If a simple pie-menu for snapping become popular among community members ; maybe, meta-androcto will consider adding it in 2.82.

In default keymap, Shift O to change Proportional Edit Falloff is a pie-menu.
It was not removed. You just don’t need an addon anymore for that.
You can set O key to enable/disable PET to Click instead of Press and remap Shift O to O by choosing Click Drag.

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Thanks for tips, I guess I will need to write my own pies because I already used to old way and don’t want to lose muscle memory.

I know about 2.80 snapping mixing, but old pie is just way faster if you mostly use Increment / Vertex and On/Off toggle (zero mouse clicks needed, only one hotkey + gestures). Plus Ctrl+Shift+Tab is very annoying hotkey what requires 3 fingers and hand relocation comparing to just Shift+Tab.

Never noticed built-in falloff pie (probably because LShift+O requires 2 hands or moving left hand way too much for RShift+O).