Official Repository's for Scripts & Plugins

Currently, there are two main Repository’s for scripts.

Firstly, For Users:
The catalog contains links to & some documentation to 100’s of scripts.
If you are a script writer, or you see your script there,
I would ask that this be your first step in updating your scripts & docs.
The wiki scripts catalog is very popular & many people around the world,
browse & even update their scripts!
Documentation, much of which can be copied from your site to the wiki,
is very important, this does not stop people linking to your site.
Please, if you do not have an account to edit the wiki,
ask on irc #blenderwiki that you need to join,
or send the e-mail request.
It’s easy to edit & help is available.
The centralization of Blender Scripts & Plugins helps script authors, Blender,
& general users, use Blender & Python more effectively.

Next, For Script Writers:
Script Authors are encouraged to use this New Repository.
After you have (preferably) written docs on the wiki, containing links & some information. The Script Author can request to or be asked to,
upload the script or plugin to Blender Projects: Blender Extensions.

Py Scripts Upload
For scripts that are in development, (or unmaintained/returning errors).
There are already quite a few scripts here,
these scripts are still useful, but may be still under development,
working, but in need of updating/extending, whilst still useful in bringing ideas & extra functionality to Blender.

Py Scripts Contrib
For Scripts that are stable, fully working & providing extra functionality to Blender.
These scripts should be reasonably documented & well maintained to the current version of Blender.
Scripts in Contrib, must at minimum have:
Some form of docs. Wiki preferred.
Some form of license. GPL , CC, BAL are preferred.
My preference here is GPL, as it offers protection to the script author & is widely used.
The script should provide a function that is not easily acheived in Blender or a New Function or a new easy way to do several functions…
These scripts will be available as a Branch & be able to be compiled with Blender.
The same will apply to Plugins.

Work is in progress on this & svn checkout should be availible shortly after 2.49 release.
There will be a view towards upgrading/merging many of these scripts for 2.5.
I would ask Blender 2.4 series script writers to upload their scripts soon,
so working versions for 2.49 can be saved, before the change to Python 3.0 & the new API will change back compatability with Python 2.5.2
Get Involved!


Great collection and a very good resource, thanks Meta-Androcto!

P.S. the maya export script seems to be a bit different from the Osxrules one. Any important differences between the two scripts?

I would think the Osxrules script is newer, bugfixed if I remember.
Import & export scripts are very important,
there are currently a few people update these regularly on the wiki.
A few more people uploading their improvements is most welcome.

The official repository is a great project and I’d like to thank the people working on it for all their hard work. It’s important to have one central place where users can find well-maintained scripts, so that even more users will start using scripts.

Some questions/suggestions:


  • When you write a new script, can you add its documentation to the Catalog straight away, or is it invitation only?
  • Is there any possibility to include video as part of the documentation?

BF extensions project

  • You say that script authors need to ask to upload the script to the repository, or be asked. I thought anyone who created an account could upload to the repository (which would make the step to add to the repository a bit smaller)?
  • The repository is a bit hard to find. Perhaps some links to it would improve this. The first place I’d suggest is the scripts development page on the wiki (it’s directly linked to from the main wiki page and seems to be horribly outdated).

Hi Crouch,
Thanks for the comments.

The Catalog can be edited by anyone who has a Wiki account.
So script writers are very welcome to document there.
It’s easy to follow the templates made on other pages.
I’m just going through the procedures so people know where to sign up.

BF Extensions is not public yet, but will be very soon,
so atm it is a little hard to find, you are right.
Same thing here,
if you are already a member of,
you are more than welcome to participate.
I may already have some of your scripts listed.

All script writers are encouraged to participate.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the sticky Goofster!

Big Repository Update!
Scripts Toolkits for Blender 2.49

I published a tutorial at:

that shows the basic scripting setup in Blender 2.50 Alpha 1. It’s based on the Python API wiki introduction at:

and Mfoxdogg’s Blender 2.5 Python Tour 9, at:

I show some basic and bpy.context operations, as well as how to run scripts in the text window. I welcome all comments.

thanks, i saw your link on the wiki also, good stuff. thanks.
I might move it into the Wiki Manual,
a section for video tutorials would be good. =)

Scripts or Extensions are here: Extensions:Py/Scripts
there’s some 2.5 py tutorials & some scripts starting to filter through.
the old scripts are in the 2.49 section.

Getting involved & getting your scripts into Blender as optional Add-Ons is becoming easier. has closed the old scripts,
(they can still be accessed)
Now when you add a new script or open tracker, it will be for Blender 2.5
From there the plan is to link into svn so the the add ons can be built with svn.

more soon.

Thanks! I was wondering where to find more add-ons to use for Blender. The two default add-ons included with 2.52 are nice, but more is better.

Still, I have one issue. Whenever I tried to save the .py file or even open the SVN link, I have this security page, telling me that it’s not a trusted connection or cannot tell if it is safe. I’m using Firefox as my browser. So, is really safe, and how to bypass the warning?

the two scripts seem to vary slightly.

This old 2.42 script is being ported to 2.62 and BZII and Softimage users may find it of some use. It may need some tweaking, but should serve as a good basic script for the older SI version of XSI. I’ve not tested it but perhaps a regular Blender user could test and report on it’s potential usefullyness? (7.57 KB)

Shouldn’t it be written “Repositories”? The “'s” at the end signifies possessive, not plural. Just helping you out, since this thread is stickied and many people will see it.

Meta, have you included the addons from in your external addon collection? Do you know if all the scripts from that website can be downloaded from somewhere in one file.? Thanks

The “Addon Catalog” seems to be abandoned. The page is removed and links to archived version for Blender-2.6

Is there anything new?

I seems is what you where looking for, nowdays.

So do people use older versions of blender a great deal because scripts work on them. ? Still. ? Like did directions change in blender enough that nice features were dropped but people still use them ?
Also this page is interesting. did not know about it.