official "Road to Fame" topic (racing game)

Here is the informations about “Road to Fame” car racing game.

This is a game that developed in Hungary. Game written in C++, and Blender used for the graphic (~50%). No Blender game engine used!!!
50% of the cars and 50% of the level elements created in Blender. Other things are created in Lightwave.

This is not a freeware game! We are in discussion with a lot of publishers. We shall keep you updated.

official homepage of the game:

Promotional video:

Intro video downloadable:

That’s great news endi on this game project. I hope that you and your development team get a good deal with the publishers.

Blend on!

looks awsome,…i love the textures and the comic book elements.

Awesome…The website is a little much, it has a high d-load time and im on a cable modem. Maybe its just me.

Hey Endi,

that’s a sweet looking game…how many are on your team working on this? I had the same problem as Ataryu on your site, though. Although your file sizes look normal…is your server slow or maybe your site’s just too popular! :smiley: Anyway…nice work.


this will be a serious retail game? do you use blender publisher or do you only create content in blender and have a different game engine?


I’ve seen your site long before and it looks like a good quality racing game, too bad I can’t program in C.