Offset Edges


getting a horrible indent error

i love how python gives you and an error, when using tab instead of spaces or vice-versa.


As a non-programmer I had to fix this by changing Notepad++ (which I use to edit .py files) to change tabs to spaces. It’s under the Settings > Language options.

I took the 4.0 version that was posted a while ago and added the line, and while it worked my Preferences said that the add-on needed to be updated to 2.8.

Dheim can you post the file here. Thanks

here stupid notepad++, easier in pycharm
hopefully the original dev can update the source (42.3 KB)


I switched to using VIsual Studio Code now because of that crap in Blender editor.

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Sorry to bump like this, but what is the latest version of addon. The interactive one?

That one is the latest.
0.4.0 + interactive

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Really interesting read, thanks for sharing!
(thanks to you I now have more knowledge to work with bmesh in the future :smiley: :clap: )

Thank you OnlineRender

I am using an older version currently. But I can try the latest if that makes a difference. But has anyone else noticed offset edges running quite slow, if your scene is getting heavier?

My mesh is very light, like 350 verts, but is still quite laggy/slow to change the width value for example, in real time. In 2.82 or 2.83 builds.

Great Add-on!

But in windows / Blender 2.83 crashes.

It is possible to add feature like Slide edge with clone?



Such a think is very needed really! Especially if the newly cloned edge could be moved all over the object without being hindered at all.

In fact the needed think is to have a way to slide a loop all over the surface of a mesh.

And I thought C4D was the worst at modeling, when it can do this :open_mouth:

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Is there a workaround. Can you fill the hole and use edgefow?

Has anyone used an addon called loopanar. I downloaded from the top loopanar link. It is based on a 2.79 addon zalpook or something like it, but is for 2.8. Thanks Edit loopanar wiki


Cool! Is there any addon that will let you straighten an edge selection into a line, but keep the curvature underneath as best as possible? So, like slide the verts along the edges actually, to form a straight line, but not a TRUE straight line between the end points?

I am not a topology expert so I don’t know. What does edge flow do? I have not used either of the two addons I mentioned. I am going to model this chair by andrew price. It will teach me something about topology. You can download the chair below the video under more.