OFX integration in Blender Compositor

Hi, I read that OFX functionality could be implemented in Blender. Is there any updates on this? I just got Sapphire Plugins and would love to utilise them in the blender compositor.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated! This is a real area where blender could further excel, really quite surprised it isn’t in place yet.

Unless the refactor of the compositor in 2.8 includes this I doubt it. They are going to make nodes OpenGL i gather but not specifically tied to a framework like OFX

If you want Natron to use OFX just download Natron.

Thanks for your answer, I was not aware of Natron, will look into it. I must admit I use AFX or Nuke usually for compositing but I love the integration possibilities that Blender offers, it really is amazing, so its a bit of a shame there is no ofx integration yet.

Some time ago the original developer for Blender said that he did not want to compete with Nuke or any other Foundry products.