Ogle My Ogre

Finally decided to post something. Been fooling around with sculpt the last week and decided to continue on with a doodle.

This is the initial sculpt:

Here is the Photoshop paint-over concept thingie.


I am trying to create displacement maps for this new base mesh using the new displacement bake tools but have been running into a bunch of problems.


I hope to get a little facial animation and hair in there at least. We’ll see if I can get the displacement stuff worked out first…


I was just gonna say - you got your disp map problem worked out…? I just submitted a bug where a marble texture mapped to Disp crashes svn. go figure. Is that your 2K image. Have you tried blurring the displacement map too to ease the stair stepping?

Hey TorQ hows it going?
Nice model you got there.
Post lots of progress pic if you would plz.


Really nice work!
The paint over concept thingie looks gruesome.
Looking forward to more…

I’d love to see your progress!

/ Mats

reminds me of an excellent WIP thread at CGtalk about an orc blademaster. both look ace, but that other one is full body though. :slight_smile: (hint)

Wow, you’re a very talented sculptor!!
If you can match the paint-over version, that would be absolutely amazing!!
This is gonna be one awesome ogre innit.

Thanks guys. I’ve basically hit a brick wall with the darn displacement mapping situation. I think I may just try working with the sculpt model to do any further work. I am interested to see how well the meshdeform modifier works for animation. Also, I think I might add some bristly hairs and see if I can figure out how to do hairs that have a color gradient. Like a badgers hair.