Ogre 3d?

Hi guys, I’ve been hearing about how great oggre is for a game engine, and so i thought i’d take a look at it, expecting it to be similar to the blender ge.

But man was i wrong. Can someone please help me figure this stuff out as a noob to programming?

If you have any Blender game engine questions just ask, this is a very helpful community. If you have Ogre 3D questions you may have to check their forums.

my bad, ill do that

I thought Ogre was to be implemented in a future version of Blender?

That project should be considered vapor ware, at least a year since any news at all.

If you’re looking for a more powerful engine which isn’t quite so far from the BGE, you could always try CrystalSpace and Blend2Crystal. YoFrankie has a version in CrystalSpace, I believe.

Oh, that looks much better, especially celStart. So should I install crystalspace and celstart and should i then install cel?


EDIT: okay, so it looks like I need crystal space to run cel, but should i also install celstart?

EDIT2: Figured it out, thanks for all the help! Now i just have to learn c++ :wink: