This is an Ogre I have been making. Should I add anything before I texture it?

I think that it depends on what exactly you are going for. It looks at present somewhat simple, (which might be good, somewhat cartoony), but it might be nice to add other elements like teeth, or wrinkled, warty skin. Perhaps a bit of a collar of the clothes that they are wearing… The eyes also look rather simple, like probably if you just cut to texturing they will appear still very flat and overly simple. Perhaps also some bit of a spine that can be seen on the back and neck.

The throat look rather good, the ears and the general expression on its face, too.

On the front, I tried to give him a bit more detail, and tried to give him pores and a scar. (The thing on his shoulder is supposed to be a mushroom)
*I will change the eye material, but with the texturing.