Oh My... View... Rotation... What happened...??

(I hope I’m posting in the correct section)

I don’t know what happened, my view rotation/zoom has started to operate weirdly… When I zoom, it doesn’t zoom but the view moves weirdly… When I rotate, it rotates the whole scene along an unknown axis… And it pans very very slowly… My work is stuck! Watch the video then you’ll exactly know what happened. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Why did you deem it necessary to cut out the rest of the blender interface in the screencast ? You may think you’re being helpful but you are doing the opposite, always show the whole blender interface, the buttons are there for a purpose.

Is it this blend file or all ?
In File / User Preferences / Interface, check what view manipulation options you have set. Enable ‘Rotate around Selection’
File / Load factory settings and append (Shift+F1) your saved blender scene into this new default scene

Supply a link to your problem blend file so other people can see your settings

Solved, I accidentally turned on “Lock to Cursor”. Turned it off, and I’m back to normal! Let’s start work! :smiley: