ok don't get mad at me

(youngbatcat) #1

I Haked blender to say other things, Like instead of no manifold mesh, It now says no Munichys. ?
So now i’m looking in to the colors And transparencys.
There was someting else about Ton liked “Y’s” cause they looked like python tounges. I’ll post a pic soon.

But the question is why hasen’t anyone haked blender before? This is how you keep something alive by making it better.
moo ^v^

(orange) #2

um… what you say?

(ScottishPig) #3

::opens blender.exe in a binary editor::

What do ya’ know. Fool!

(mrmunkily) #4

Doing that certainly violates the terms of the liscence agreement. but if you can make a purple blender, that would still be cool.

(ZoltarX) #5

I would sure like to change all my button names to numbers.

Can I get a fluro’ green blender please?


(A2597) #6

OHHH!! A green and purple one please!!!

(joecool) #7

what’s a Binary Editor? and where can I get one?

(dreamsgate) #8

any of you smart enough to program the ever important “Make my render beautiful” button?