ok I need some help

Hey guys, I’m currently building a iPod Video. and I need some help. First off, if you look at the pic below, you’ll notice that the usb cable ends, and the headphone plugin don’t have a good ring. I want them to look more chrome. Just look at a usb cable if you have one close, it has this ring to it that I can’t seem to get. Because, it has nothing to reflect. Waiting and hoping for replies. ty so much


oh, and what do you think? bad/good? terrible? aight? feedback, tell me what needs work pleaze

Looks good. Only some small crits: The cable doens’t look round enough in some areas. The display could be better. Maybe more shiny. The white sogns on the round buttons are too bright.

I like the whole thing…

and the cable roundness seem OK to me gdp2000,

But as you’ve said yourself arcticsnpr, the phones plugin and the end of the USB cable need reflection.

The headphone cord looks really awkward just before it splits to go to each ear. As it rises up onto the iPod, it gets all crinkled looking, and appears to go the opposite way gravity would be pulling it. I don’t own an iPod, so I’m not sure how stiff the cord is, but from the commercials and friends’ iPods, the cord looks pretty loose. Maybe have it slope up smoother, and more like the bottom of a ‘C’ than the top of a ‘D.’ If that makes sense…

Also, the wood texture for the desk/table looks very unnatural. I suppose that could be unfinished as well, but definitely consider a new texture, or just sharpening and contrasting the one you have. Right now it seems very bland.

Good work on everthing else, though, great image!

gdp2000 - do you mean on the wheel?

and thanx for all the tips! I didn’t see that wrinkle ty. But, do any of you have ideas for the reflection on the usb? like, how do I make it look more chromish when I don’t have anything for it to reflect

This is what I wanted to say. I should consider learning some more english. :expressionless:

And yes I mean the wheel. Another thing is the contrast between the cable and the wheel. You should do something there.

just a couple of little details: if its supposed to be a 60Gb then it needs to be a thicker, and you cant see the plugin bit at the bottom, personally, i think it needs a slighly thicker cord and headphones. :slight_smile: but otherwise, it looks awesome :smiley:

it looks really good,

is there any tutorial for doing cables, I found one with bezier curves and a bezier circle, but is this different?

Keep up the amazing work!

Looks great all together, but I think you should take a good look at some off the dimensions of the headphones and the usb plug.
The tube-thingy on the earpiece seams a bit thin to me and also the part that goes into the ear is a bit flat. The same goed for the usb-plug.

To me it looks like the rendered image is stredged horizontaly.

The iPod itself being a bit thin is no problem I think, it makes it look even more desirable. :wink:

it’s probably rendered with an aspect ratio meant for a differant OS.

also, for the reflections… add hdri then render with yafray, then it’ll reflect whatever is on the hdri image, and your reflections will look better.